Group of 4 Nautilus


NAUTILIDAENautilus PompiliusAuthor: Linnaeus, 1758Locality: Timor - IndonesiaSize: 131-82mm..


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Nautilus is a very fascinating animal, the only living being of the nautiloidea family, and is considered a real living fossil.the structure of the shell is very beautiful, but when we have such a big..


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NAUTILIDAENautilus scrobiculatus- Molto Raro -Gem Quality - Extra QualityAutore: Lightfoot, 1786Località: Timor - IndonesiaMisure: 185mm..

Nautilus on Pedestal


Considered a living fossil, the Nautilus is the only representative of the Nautilidea family.First discovered in 1829, it was studied as an extinct animal.A natural Pacific Ocean nautilus mounted on a..

Nautilus pompilius

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NAUTILIDAE"GUINNES RECORD SIZE"Nautilus PompiliusGem QualityAuthor: Linnaeus, 1758Locality: Papua Nuova GuineaSize: 230mm..

Nautilus scrobiculatus

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NAUTILIDAENautilus scrobiculatus- RARE -Gem Quality - Extra SizeAuthor: Lightfoot, 1786Locality: Timor - IndonesiaSize: 190mm..

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