Gypsite in Calcite Geode

€3,000.00 Ex Tax: €3,000.00

This particular calcite geode sees within it two other distinct minerals. The center is occupied by the selenite having an amorphous form, while in the upper part a small area is occupied by amethyst ..

Gypsite with Calcite

€950.00 Ex Tax: €950.00

Precious formation of stratified Selenite.Transparency and shine make this sculpture a brilliant work art of nature. The coldness of the ice the hardness and fragility of the crystal and the intense h..

Ice Spear


When you see for the firs time a selenite, its coloro will immediately attract your attention. It is perfect for a stone that represents mental clearness.In this geode we can see a bed of amethyst and..

Natural Selenite Sculpture


Selenite is one of the most beautiful and elegant crystals in nature. Its pure pristine white combined with the lilac color of the amethyst born on the perimeter, it is of a breathtaking beauty. besid..

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