MAG, introduces a mineralogical / contemporary gallery space, a fusion of human art work and metamorphic crystallizations. For the latter, lithogenetic cycle branched off them over millions of years on our planet. 

It's an amalgam of energy and space time memory, materializes in a contemporary present, here and now. 

The MAG promote cooperation on ideas and practical work with Architects for creation and istallation of Interior Design project. Stuctural elements and piece of furniture that include: Mineral, Fossil and Artifacts. Comtemporary furniture designer which emphasise the importance of trying to find a balance and nature, ever more present in housing structural request.

This opens door to a rooted future in the past and careful to create an awareness on the relationship between the journay of a short human life on planet earth and
the evolution of the same.

We propose:

Search, Exhibition and Sale of collector's Fossil and Mineral
Selection, Presentation and Sale of Contemporary Art
Event planning in order to promote mineralogical / contemporary tide