Butterscotch Amber

  • €225.00
  • Origin: Russia
  • Product Code: AQG-03
  • Locality: Kalingrad
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 40mm × 37mm × 13.50mm
  • Weight: 10.10g


A beautiful example of Amber Butterscotch, also known as Royal Amber or Ancient Amber, characterized by a cut that vaguely resembles a heart.
This specimen comes from Russia, precisely from the Kalingrad region.
Perhaps not everyone will know that in nature there are about 250 shades of Amber that can be blue like those of Sumatra, white or the most common in cognac shades, but only the Butterscotch has a mix of colors between cream yellow and milky white, which make it be extremely rare and highly sought after by collectors.

The reason for its distinctive color is due to the presence of millions of tiny bubbles trapped inside the resin from the trees it once lay on. From tests carried out with an electron microscope, it has been shown that Amber Butterscotch is made up of transparent resin and millions of micro bubbles inside which, reflecting the light, return this fantastic milky color.

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