Butterscotch Amber

  • €295.00
  • Origin: Russia
  • Product Code: AQG-06
  • Locality: Kalingrad
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 52mm × 25mm × 18mm
  • Weight: 14.62g


Amber Butterscotch of first choice, a rare variety and much appreciated for its unique color.
A mix of creamy yellow and milky white, which as in this specimen can be all the more marked thanks to the great transparency, synonymous with great quality.
Amber Butterscotch is considered the finest on the market.
Specimen from Kalingrad in Russia

The reason for its distinctive color is due to the presence of millions of tiny bubbles trapped inside the resin from the trees it once lay on. From tests carried out with an electron microscope, it has been shown that Amber Butterscotch is made up of transparent resin and millions of micro bubbles inside which, reflecting the light, return this fantastic milky color.

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