• €195.00
  • Origin: Canada
  • Product Code: AML-02
  • Locality: Alberta
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 60mm × 54mm × 12mm
  • Weight: 63g


Ammolite is a stone with a green and orange iridescence, but in some pieces, like in this specimen, it can display some parts with blue and violet tones, covering the entire color spectrum.
It is in commerce from a few decades, it is primarily mined on the rocky mountains in Alberta, where it's the symbol of the region, and is very used in jewelry for the beauty of its reflections.
This collectors specimen is offered with a beautiful box that displays its shape and beauty, while protecting it from external agents.

Tags: ammolite from alberta, stone with ammonite fossils, ammolite's iridescence, orange and green color