Elegant Lamps with Ammonite


  • €1,400.00
  • Product Code: LMP-01
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 40cm × 20cm × 50cm


Two very elegant table lamps with an ammonite cut in two parts to show the unbelievable beauty of the crystallized internal parts.

The art construction of the pedestal and the lamp, on one side enhances the incredible details of a cretaceous fossil, enlightening it from a perfect angle, while on the other side is the ammonite itself giving an extreme elegance to the piece, capable to exalt an entire environment.

Design and construction from MAG gallery, guarantee of elegance and refinement at the service of your homes.

Feasible in various sizes and with different ammonites.

Sizes: L40 x W20 x H5cm

Age: Cretacous

Ammonite provenance: Madagascar

Tags: lamps with ammonite, elegant home decor, mag home design, support color in rust, brown yellow orange ammonite