Ammonite Lytoceras

  • €2,250.00
  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Product Code: ALC-01
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 430mm × 330mm × 140mm
  • Weight: 18kg


The fossil Amonite of Lytoceras was formed in the sediments of the Cretaceous, of Madagascar.
With a process of osmosis, the chambers of the shell were replaced by semi-precious quartz hard stones, jasper and calcite, forms of chalcedony.
The myriad of suture patterns of this polished specimen makes it exceptional in its kind.
The sutures are what remains of the growth lines of the cephalopod shell.
The sutures were attached to the inner wall of the shell. When the fossil ammonoids are cleaned and polished, the sutures can become evident.
The delicate sutures are filled with calcite and colored minerals, in this specimen of brown and mustard tones, all semi-precious minerals of the quartz family. The fossilized shell itself has a good and completely three-dimensional shape.
Perfect sculpture on a support or on a tripod, it fits well in a refined and elegant environment.

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