Phylloceratida Ammonite

  • €1,350.00
  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Product Code: AMM-38
  • Holder: Shiny Steel
  • Age: Cretaceus
  • Location: Madagascar
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 22.50cm × 16.50cm × 12.00cm
  • Weight: 4,283.00g


Rare specimen of Ammonite Phylloceratida, of considerable size and perfectly preserved. Specimen characterized by a surface with crystallization of Aragonite and lines
suture of extremely sharp philloid-type septa.
The termination of the ventral side, which was cut following the suture lines creating a three-dimensional effect, adds charm and uniqueness to the piece.
To enhance the beauty of this Ammonite and to be able to exhibit it with elegance, we have created a polished steel stand that securely but not invasively wraps the fossil and allows observation from any angle.
Owning an Ammonite is equivalent to possessing a piece of history and at the same time an elegant collectible fossil.

Size: 210 x 165 x 120 mm
Height with stand: 225 mm
Weight: 3980
Weight with stand: 4283 g
Provenance: Befandrine, Madagascar

Tags: ammonite, phylloceratida, cretaceus, madagascar