Ammonite Phylloceratida


  • €1,400.00
  • Product Code: AMM-34
  • Locality: Befandrine, Madagascar
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 215mm × 170mm × 109mm
  • Weight: 3,250g


Species: Phylloceratida
Size: 215×170×109 mm
Weight: 3250 g
Provenance: Befandrine, Madagascar
Age: Triassic, 251-201 Mya

Unique specimen of Ammonite Phylloceratida, from Madagascar.

A single piece to enrich your collection, the fossil has been polished to better show the minerals that have taken the place of the organic part.

Thus polished it also becomes a truly inimitable design object, and a piece of history in your own home!