Ammonites Cleoniceras Group

  • €280.00
  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Product Code: AMM-72
  • Age: Lower Cretaceus, Albian
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 260mm × 160mm × 90mm
  • Weight: 3,275g


A beautiful group of Ammonites from the Albian period still on the original matrix.
A natural associane that contains several Ammonites and some fossil shells.
A fascinating specimen that brings with it a piece of history of millions of years and which becomes a precious collector's piece.
Thanks to the perfectly intact matrix and with a flat base, it is possible to expose the Ammonite group in any corner of the house or in a precious Wunderkammer.

Tags: ammonite, cleoniceras, madagascar, fossil, albian