Group of Ammonites Cleoniceras

  • €3,850.00
  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Product Code: AMM-12
  • Age: Lower Cretaceus, Albiano
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 520mm × 280mm × 270mm
  • Weight: 21.10kg


A fantastic cluster of Cleoniceras ammonites still on original matrix.
We are shown an extremely dynamic ancient scene, a moment in which a group of these cephalopods, for an unknown event, found themselves suddenly buried, remained immobilized for centuries, to be returned to us in the form we now see.
The largest of these fossils has been shattered into several pieces, as if to witness the drama of the moment, while numerous other ammonites of various sizes are still intact to show us the beauty of the designs of the septa of their shell.
In some specimens it is possible to see features of red opalescence, a typical phenomenon that is created on the shell of these animals and in others it is possible to admire the filloid-type suture lines of a very marked white color that create very sharp designs and contrasts suggestive.

Tags: ammonites, cleoniceras, madagascar, fossils