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 Pacifastacus Leniusculus

Pacifastacus Leniusculus

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Scientific Name: Pacifastacus Leniusculus Size: 18 x 12 x 5 cm Size of the Shrimp: 12 x 9 cm Weight: 340 g Provenance: Vietnam..

Aepyornis maximus Paw

Aepyornis maximus Paw

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Aepyornis is a genus of recently extinct bird (17th century), with very big dimensions. Unable to fly, it was probably the biggest bird ever lived on earth, il could arrive till 3 meters in length..

Chimera - Boar-fish

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A more unique object than rare, a perfect mix of more animals.Fused with each other thanks to the skill of an embalmer, this animal becomes a typical element to be included in a Wunderkammer (Italian ..

Chimera - Fish of the abysses

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A more unique and rare object, a real chimera, a perfect mix between naturalia and artificialia.4 fish in 1, skillfully fused together by the hands of one of the most famous embalmers in France.The pa..

Draco Volans with Frame

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Size of the Draco Volans: 185x75 mmSize of the Frame: 325×237×48 mmWeight: 1132 gProvenance: Malaysia..

Elephant Foot - Drink Holder

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Flying Frog - Rhacophorus Reinwardtii

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Beautiful specimen of Rhacophorus Reinwardtii, a flying frog from the island of Java.To capture its beauty, the frog has been dried and exposed in an elegant glass bell with a handmade brass support.E..

Grasshopers, Titanacris albipes

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Scientific Name: Titanacris albipesSize of the Titanacris albipes 1: 125x176 mmSize of the Titanacris albipes 2: 91x124 mmSize of the Frame  422×321×44 mmWeight: 1618 gProvenance: Guyana..

Kerivoula Picta Bat

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Scientifico Name: Kerivoula pictaSize of the Bat with open Wings: 209x123 mmSize of the small Bat: 73x28 mmSize of the Frame: 42×32×4.5 cmWeight: 1620 gProvenance: Indonesia..

Longhorns Beatle

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Scientific Name: Batocera wallaceiSize of the body: 65x21 mmSize with antennas: 205x198 mmSize of the frame: 42×32×4.5 cmWeight: 1610 gProvenance: Indonesia..

Marine Fauna Under Glass Dome

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Size: 40×17×40 cmWeight: 7.2 kgProvenance: Pacific Oceano..

Marine Fauna Under Glass Dome


Size: 32×15×42.5 cmWeight: 5.9 kgProvenance: Pacific Ocean..

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