Cirripedia - Barnacles

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A splendid natural conformation of barnacles coming from the Pacific Ocean. Belonging to the order of crustaceans are also known as "dog's teeth". These crustaceans in the adult state are always fixed..

Cirripedia - Barnacles

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A splendid conformation of natural barns coming from the Pacific Ocean. Mounted on a wooden base, worked by our skilled artisans, this natural shellfish is transformed into a unique composition.A natu..

Cirripedia - Barnacles

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Size of the Barnacles: 283×190×114 mmSize with Pedestal: 410×173×173 mmWeight: 1510 gProvenance: Pacific OceanHandwork: Italy..

Pecten and Balanus under Glass Bell

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PECTINIDAENodipecten SubnodosusAuthor: Sowerby I, 1835Locality: Baja California, MexicoSize: 130 mmBeaker's size: diameter 100 x H310 mmWeight: 1000 g..

Rare Murex with Barnacles

Rare Murex with Barnacles

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Beautiful Murex Ramosus with a natural and at the same time rare shape of barnacles. A pair that is hard to find, but interesting for the combination of shapes and colors. The murex, gasteropode belon..

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