Bison Priscus Paw

  • €595.00
  • Origin: Russia
  • Product Code: BIS-02
  • Locality: Northern Seas
  • Dimensions: 78cm × 27cm × 19cm
  • Weight: 5,880g


Fossil leg in excellent condition of a true steppe bison, also known by the scientific name of Bison Priscus.
This animal was quite widespread, both geographically and numerically, lived from 600,000 years ago, and became extinct 7,500 years ago. He lived both in Europe and in Asia and North America.
Both fossil and mummified specimens have been found, one of which in particular is in such good condition that it can still be edible: in a quarry in Alaska in 1979, "Blue Babe" was found (so called because of the bluish color due to vivianite). , a specimen dated 36,000 years ago of which a piece of meat was removed and tasted by scholars of the University of Alaska.

Paw size: 71 x 32 x 12 cm

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