Black Ammonite Cleoniceras


  • €380.00
  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Product Code: AMM-205
  • Holder: Wood | Brass
  • Age: Lower Cretaceus, Albian
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 225mm × 195mm × 90mm
  • Weight: 1,270g


Black dissected ammonite belonging to the Cleoniceras species mounted on a wooden and brass design base.
Given the rarity of its coloring, this specimen is particularly coveted by collectors.
The dark shades of this Ammonite create a nice contrast with the crystallizations that usually form inside the sectarian chambers.

Ammonite size: 195 x 165 x 20 mm

Tags: ammonite, cleoniceras, black, albian, madagascar