Whale sculpture with gorgonian

  • €1,500.00
  • Origin: Germany
  • Product Code: SBL-26
  • Holder: Ancient Marble | Brass
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 51cm × 29cm × 10cm
  • Weight: 1.59kg


The whale is a massive mammal that has fascinated us all since we were children. An animal present in many stories that has often accompanied our dreams.
This sculpture proposes a handmade bronze whale where the spray of water that should come out of the blowhole has been revisited in a fairytale key by replacing the water with a beautiful black gorgonia with reddish tips (also a marine element).
The golden sculpture rests on an antique marble base, which clearly underlines its representative character and qualifies it as a noble and particularly stylish decoration.

Tags: whale, gorgonian, brass, bronze, marble, germany