• €150.00
  • Origin: Canada
  • Product Code: AML-01
  • Locality: Alberta
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 48mm × 37mm × 8mm
  • Weight: 18g


Ammolite is a stone of organic origin, mainly found on the Rocky Mountains of Canada. It is made of the fossil shells of ammonite, which are composed of aragonite, the mineral forming the nacre, but with the microstructure of a shell. It belongs to a small group of organic stones like amber, coral and pearls.
It is also known as "aapoak" (crawling stone in native Kainah language), gem ammonite, calcentite and Korite (the latter is a commercial name given by the name of the major mining company commercializing this stone).
It is quite a rare stone, and it is considered a natural gem stone since 1981, when the world jewellery confederation (CIBJO) recognized it as a natural stone.
Here we have a very beautiful natural stone with green and orange iridescence.

Tags: ammolite canada, korite cave, aapoak stone, green and orange iridescence