Carnelian and Agate Sphere

  • €2,250.00
  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Product Code: CAM-01
  • Mineral: Carnelian | Agate
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 230mm × 230mm × 230mm
  • Weight: 17.20kg


A real rarity, an inevitable piece in the collection of a lover of exclusive things, a sphere half in Carnelian and half in Polychrome Agate.
The truth of Corniola is of the highest level, characterized by a very intense and saturated red color.
The 2 shades of color of the 2 different minerals are divided by a quartz strip that seems to wrap "the eye" in this brilliant variety of Carnelian.
The half in Agate stands out for its beautiful transparencies and colors ranging from shades of brown to red.
Everything is highlighted by a thin white border that traces all the colored portions as if to emphasize them even more on the Quartz.
A real work of art of nature destined for a prestigious Chamber of Wonders.

Tags: sphere, carnelian, agate, madagascar, red, white, brown