Amethyst geodes are formed in volcanic rocks, inside the air bubbles trapped in the lava during its cooling.

In million of years mineral saturated water filters and reacts with chemicals inside the air pocket. A combination of minerals, pressure, water give birth to these most beautiful crystals inside the geodes.

We are direct importers of big geodes of amethyst coming from Brazil and Uruguay, we are pride of our wide selection of small and big samples that can be up to 500Kg.

The big amethyst geodes are very good decor elements for Relais, Hotels, villas, spa, wide halls and gardens.

Amethyst Cathedral

€5,000.00 Ex Tax: €5,000.00

In the ancient time This beautif Amethyst Cathedral of Brazil, show an intense violet color. Born from basaltic volcanic rocks, the violet color is due to small iron inclusions or of manganese. The pa..

Amethyst Cathedral

€5,300.00 Ex Tax: €5,300.00

A singular specimen of amethyst geodes. The pyramid shape is almost perfect. This cathedral has a double color. In the bottom side Amethyst quartz is very developed and has a very intense color. The u..

Amethyst Cathedral

€13,500.00 Ex Tax: €13,500.00

These two cathedrals put to the entry of Mineral Art Galley, represent the portal of the time through which it needs to pass for admiring the million of years exposed inside. The left cathedral has a ..

Amethyst Cathedral

€2,000.00 Ex Tax: €2,000.00

Beautiful amethyst cathedral came from Brazil. This exemplar show the violet color. The external part with white quarz frame increase in value this mineral. Before the discovery of huge amethyst depos..

Amethyst Cathedral

Amethyst Cathedral


Amazist of the Brazile geode with quartz crystals geminations.Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz, often associated with sub-alkaline basaltic rocks, which has been since 3000 BC, in Egypt and Meso..

Amethyst Cathedral

€2,200.00 Ex Tax: €2,200.00

Magnificent Amethyst Cathedral of Brazil.Great geode of Amethyst Quartz almost characterized by great crystals bigger than 1 cm that introduce a particular zone of color from viola to the base up to c..

Amethyst Cathedral

€4,400.00 Ex Tax: €4,400.00

Amethyst has always been appreciated as a stone. In the Middle Ages it was used to create jewelry for kings and cardinals. Amethyst gives a calm mood to stressed people. Creates a calm and balanced en..

Amethyst Cathedral

€680.00 Ex Tax: €680.00

This great Brazilian amethyst cathedral shows a beautiful purple color with quartz gems inside.A geode with a typical pointed shape with very bright crystals. Amethyst is used in jewelry or collected...

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