Centaur Bronze Sculpture - The Elder

  • €3,000.00
  • Origin: Italy
  • Product Code: SAB-09
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 77cm × 42cm × 22cm
  • Weight: 19.20kg


Bronze sculpture depicting a centaur known as "the old man".
This work, originally dating back to the first half of the 1700s, was flanked by another sculpture "the young man".
In addition to having been sculpted as if to stay together, as they seem to look at each other, the 2 models had to represent the human disposition towards love: the old one in fact, with hands positioned behind the back, looks back, while the young instead he smiles and raises his arm as a sign of boldness.
Subsequently replicated with the lost wax casting technique, among the best known reproductions we certainly find those of the Chiurazzi Artistic Foundry.

The Centaurs, according to Greek mythology, were creatures half men and half horses, sons of Ixion and Nephele.
They were known to be incurable drunkards and "pleasure" lovers.
The Centaur in most cases is depicted armed with a bow or club and intent on hunting prey such as doves or deer. These animals were chosen to symbolize the weakness of the soul, an easy prey for evil.
However, we also find Centaurs mentioned in Dante's Inferno as executioners of people who have used violence towards others and therefore the opposite view of what Greek mythology teaches us.

Work reproduced from the cast of the original made at the end of the 20th century by a historic foundry in Naples.

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