Agate and Calcite Druzy

€600.00 Ex Tax: €600.00

This particular druse of agate and calcite with a triangular shape, has been extracted from much larger natural conformations. The superficial calcite layer is very often about two centimeters. The sm..

Agate and Calcite Druzy

€400.00 Ex Tax: €400.00

Druse of agate and calcite with an almost diamond shape. The calcite covering the surface layer represents the last formation. Its micro crystals give the stone a velvety and soft appearance.On its ir..

Agate and Calcite Druzy

€650.00 Ex Tax: €650.00

Druses can develop in many parts of the world. Being composed of several elements this type of conformation is particularly interesting as it contains the energies of several minerals. It is often use..

Agate and Calcite Druzy

€900.00 Ex Tax: €900.00

The druse of Agata and Calcite has a narrow and long shape. Coined by Pliny the Elder the word calcite comes from the Latin calx which means limestone. The stratification of the elements can be seen i..

Agate and Calcite Geode

€5,600.00 Ex Tax: €5,600.00

Beautiful natural conformation. Mother Nature's work that has been able to recreate the jaws of time over millions of years. Polished by man, this example brings with it millions of years in which the..

Agate and Calcite Geode

€1,150.00 Ex Tax: €1,150.00

Fragment of agate and calcite extracted from a large geode with a singular shape.The crystals of calcite cover an agate layer abandoned on a base of quartz whose crystals are developed in irregular wa..

Agate and Calcite Geode

€510.00 Ex Tax: €510.00

Agate and calcite geodes. The back of the geode shows the natural stone that for many years has guarded this natural configuration. Its iron pedestal gives the possibility to display it in every room,..

Agate and Calcite Geode

€550.00 Ex Tax: €550.00

Geode with an almost oval shape, sees in section the formation of several elements including agate and calcite. The alternation of these two minerals creates a very unique color sequence. The inner ca..

Agate Geode on Custom Pedestal

Agate Geode on Custom Pedestal

€380.00 Ex Tax: €380.00

A beautiful natural creation, an agate geode that, with its personalized support, shows the internal beauty of the microcrystals.The external part of the stone has a light blue color with some areas i..

Apophyllite, Stilbite, Chalcedony

€750.00 Ex Tax: €750.00

A natural conformation of remarkable beauty. The creation of Mother nature never cease to amaze us.Here we have a combination of three minerals, Apophyllite, Stilbite and Calcedony with unique shapes...

Chalcedony Druzy

€750.00 Ex Tax: €750.00

Druse of Chalcedony from Uruguay.Thanks to its typical blue-white color, it is a stone that relaxes and gives light to the environment where it is placed.Beautiful protruding crystals perfectly preser..

Crystals of Apofillite and Calcedony

€240.00 Ex Tax: €240.00

Size: 14x13x10 cm Weight: 520 g Provenance: Maharashtra, india..

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