Chimera - Fish of the abysses

  • €1,200.00
  • Product Code: CHI-01
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 63cm × 23cm × 27cm
  • Weight: 2.20kg


A more unique and rare object, a real chimera, a perfect mix between naturalia and artificialia.
4 fish in 1, skillfully fused together by the hands of one of the most famous embalmers in France.
The passion for collecting rare and fantastic objects was born in the Middle Ages with the Wunderkammer (Italian camera of wonders), when nobles and wealthy people began to collect as well as valuable works (artificialia), especially the oddities that nature offered us (naturalia ), like giant animals or with rare morphological characteristics, fossils or the strangest and most unique thing one could buy.
This phenomenon has developed in particular between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and in a certain way, has been a forerunner to what is now a museum, even if unlike the latter, the Wunderkammer is a private room.
With this chimera, you can definitely make your personal Wunderkammer unique.

Tags: chimera, abyssal fishes, shark teeth, stuffed animals, taxidermy, wunderkammer, unique objects