Pyrite Sphere

  • €160.00
  • Origin: Peru
  • Product Code: SGP-04
  • Mineral: Pyrite
  • Locality: Huanzala
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 74mm × 74mm × 74mm
  • Weight: 795g


Beautiful example of cubic pyrite worked to give it a spherical shape, to which an added value has been attributed given the presence of cavities on the surface that allow you to admire portions of the geode formed.
In addition to the possibility of having a nice decorative object, the sphere is a nice collector's item.
The external surface has a golden color and the cubes of different shapes and positions reflect the light making the sphere very bright.
A first choice piece from Huanzala in Peru, which will stand out in any corner of the house will be placed.

Tags: sphere, pyrite, gold, peru