Pair Silver Plated of Catsharks

  • €1,800.00
  • Origin: Italy
  • Product Code: SQGAT-01
  • Locality: Mediterranean Sea
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 50cm × 83cm × 20cm
  • Weight: 2,070g


Splendid pair of Catsharks, small shark that are used to live throughout the Mediterranean and prefer sandy bottoms up to a few meters deep.

The body of these sharks is elongated and with a pointed head, the maximum length it can reach is 90-100 cm maximum.

A pair mounted in a pedestal that highlights the fluidity of the bodies and that makes them a truly unique and inimitable furnishing object, perfect to enrich a Wunderkammer but also as an object to be included in one's own collection.

Tags: catsharks, animals for collection, silver, embalmed animals