French Ammonite on Matrix

  • €550.00
  • Origin: France
  • Product Code: AMM-191
  • Age: Lower Jurassic, Toarciano
  • Locality: Lyon
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 200mm × 170mm × 80mm
  • Weight: 2,990g


Rare and fascinating fossil of Ammonite Esericeras Eseri, from Lyon, France.
During the preparation phase, part of the matrix was left which acts as a natural support to be able to expose the ammonite in one's Wunderkammer.
The suture lines in this specimen are very marked and fascinating as they have a double coloration.
The fossil has a predominantly amber color with some brown and pink portions given by the suture lines.
A very particular color that combined with the processing of the matrix that literally forms the basis of the Ammonite, makes this specimen a valuable collector's item.

Tags: ammonite, esericeras, france