Coco de Mer

  • €2,000.00
  • Origin: Seychelles
  • Product Code: COC-13
  • Dimensions: 400mm × 290mm × 160mm
  • Weight: 2,170g


A beautiful Coco de Mer, totally intact and characterized by a wrinkled surface with an intense black color.
A rare, very exclusive and sought-after fruit, not only due to the fact that it is available exclusively in the Seychelles, but above all because of its characteristic shape that recalls on the one hand the female genitals, while on the other of the buttocks.
Thanks to its bizarre appearance and the fact that it is extremely difficult to export it is a very coveted item among collectors of natural taxidermy and curiosities.
Perfect as an exclusive ornament or as a highlight of a Wunderkammer.

Tags: coco de mer, fruit, seychelles