Ammonite on Septaria

  • €350.00
  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Product Code: ASS-05
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 150mm × 150mm × 100mm
  • Weight: 2.30kg


Ammonite on septaria.
The mystery that still surrounds the process of formation of the sectarian nodules filled with various minerals, enhances the uniqueness of the sculpture in association with a large ammonite fossil.
The perfect color of the clay gives the feeling of softness and continuous movement to this fossil that has been standing still for a few million years.
A rare and prestigious association furnishes with style every corner of a house or a large hotel, allowing the viewer an imaginary journey in time and space, in the Jurassic in the Betsiboka region of Madagascar.

Tags: ammonite, septaria, fossil, brown, beige