Fossil Aspidorhynchus and Rhacolepis Buccalis on base

  • €4,800.00
  • Origin: Germany
  • Product Code: WFF-02
  • Age: Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous (between 150 and 80 million years ago).
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 910mm × 565mm × 120mm
  • Weight: 44.60kg


Aspidorinco, scientific name Aspidorhynchus (meaning "muzzle shield"), is a ray-finned fossil fish found on almost all continents, including Antarctica.
The fossil presented here is a spectacular specimen of a saltwater predator with excellent conservation of the rostrum and the rest of the body in general.
The most visible feature of the aspidorinco was the long upper jaw, transformed into a real rostrum, which protruded beyond the lower jaw. This structure probably guaranteed greater hydrodynamics, similarly to the long rostrum of the current one swordfish.
The racolepis (Rhacolepis buccalis) is an extinct bony fish in the lower Cretaceous period.
This robust-bodied fish could reach a length of about 25 cm and had a long head with a tapered front edge.
Professionally prepared and placed on a sandstone slab to make a painting to display in your collection.
These 2 specimens lived between the Upper Jurassic period and the Lower Cretaceous.

Plate size: 850 x 550 x 30 mm
Aspidorhynchus length: 620 mm
Rhacolepis Buccalis length: 260 mm

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