Three Fossil Fishes

  • €750.00
  • Origin: Morocco
  • Product Code: MFF-01
  • Locality: Upper Cretaceous - Cenonian
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 50cm × 35cm × 2cm
  • Weight: 9,100g


Found in the Kem Kem area, in the Akrabou formation, this exceptional triptych of fossil fish dates back to the Upper Cretaceous period.
Discovered in nodules, they were inserted into the slab giving a harmonious movement to the three aquatic creatures.
The excellent state of preservation allows to observe the original structure of the animal with well highlighted the head area but above all the
squames of the body. A slab of remarkable beauty to be expose with pride in own collection.

Tags: fossil fish, Moroccan fish, fish on slab, Akrabou formation, upper cretaceous