Pseudocidaris Mammosa

  • €320.00
  • Origin: Spain
  • Product Code: EMAM-09
  • Dimensions: 180mm × 130mm × 26mm
  • Weight: 460g


A rare and fascinating marine urchin fossil belonging to the Pseudocidaris Mammosa species.
It is considered the oldest fossil of the Echinoidea class and dates back to the Jurassic period.
In addition to the charm of age, this specimen stands out for the perfect conservation of the shell and the professional preparation that has brought to light a myriad of meticulous details.
The thorns are also a beautiful sight, being many, in excellent condition and very large.
The shell has a diameter of about 24mm, while the maximum length of a plug goes up to about 34mm.

Tags: pseudocidaris mammosa, sea urchin, echinoid, spain