Owned to the family of the Nautilidae, the nautilus is defined the "living fossil". Some of these fossils have been dated to the Cambrian period when life in the seas was very developed. believed that it was an extinct marine animal but in 1829 it was discovered for the first time and studied.
Currently the most abundant species is the Nautilus Pompilius which lives near coral reefs. The characteristic element of this fossil and modern cephalopod, is given by its spiral shell. The inside part has chambers of increasing size separated from each other by septa but connected by the siphon.
The last chamber, the most external one, is the houses of animal's body. The nautilus has the ability to re-fill or empty the chambers of the shell from gases and liquids. This allows him to move within the sea reaching even depth of 500 meters.

Fossil Nautiloid

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A large nautiloid originating from Madagascar has been totally freed from the original matrix in which it's fossilized except for a small piece of sediment that is a support base.Considered the "livin..

Fossil Nautiloid

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Nautiloids are a large group of Cefalopod mollusk in the family of Nautiloidea, today represented by Nautilus and Allonautilus. They were predatory animals and had a great diversity of shapes and ..

Fossil Nautiloid

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A nautilus of big dimensions comes to us in a perfect state of conservation.Clean and polished, this nautilus from Madagascar shows colors similar to marble.These cephalopod molluscs of the past are c..

Fossil Nautiloid

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This collectors fossil is a very beautiful specimen because of its caractheristics. On the external part is quite a common piece, a grey background with black cracks and some parts with black backgrou..

Fossil Nautiloid

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This fossil nautiloid is a specimen of rare beauty. Collector fossil, the nautilus presents externally some coloration ranging from black to light gray. The shell shows very pronounced grooves along t..

Fossil Nautilus


Fossil Nautilus

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Size: 131x104x89 mmWeight: 1290 gProvenance: Madagascar..

Nautiloide Fossile

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These are very beautiful fossils in black color with shades of grey, coming from excavations in Madagascar.They are fossils of many sizes, that tell us stories of animals lived millions of years ago, ..

Nautilus and ammonite

Nautilus and ammonite


Excellent specimen of nautilus and ammonites on the original matrix. This group comes specifically from France.Put in evidence by the sediment in which they have fossilized this pair of fossil are a r..

Group of Ammonites

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A stunning group of ammonites, two big pieces and other small ones on the base, stand out because of their reflections, design and shape.The bigger ammonite has very beautiful red reflections crossing..

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