Plesiosaurus Dolichodeirus

  • €550.00
  • Origin: Morocco
  • Product Code: PLS-06
  • Holder: Wood | Steel
  • Age: Lower Jurassic
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 270mm × 260mm × 120mm
  • Weight: 4,435g


A beautiful fossil find of vertebrae of Plesiosaurus Dolichodeirus artfully mounted on a decorative base made ad hoc, to be able to put it on display in a study, hall or a Wunderkammer.
The name of this huge reptile comes from the Greek "plesios" and "sauros" meaning next to a lizard.
Plesiosaurus Dolichodeirus is the best known representative of that group of marine reptiles known as plesiosaurs.
Its fossil remains date back to the lower Jurassic and thanks to their study it was found that it had a short tail and 4 very developed fins, while the average length was between 3 and 5 meters.

Fossil size: 280 x 170 x 140 mm

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