Giant White Coral


  • €2,350.00
  • Product Code: CORB-07
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 70cm × 39cm × 61cm


If you wanto to furnish the house with an important piece, here is a stunning coral of big dimensions: a horn shape coral 70cm long and 60cm high.

A natural object tht requires an alegant and majestic environment, just to give it more importance and relevance.

The particularity of this piece is its capacity to show the beauty of the nature both in its capacity to create big construptions, and in its meticolousness of details. It is a fascinating experience to look closely to the small tubes and its details.

At MAG gallery you will find a wide choice of sizes and shapes of corals, both on pedestal and their origninal shape.

All of our corals have the CITES document.

Sizes: L70 x W39 x H60 cm

Tags: giant coral, white coral, coral on pedestal