Marine Fauna under the Glass Dome

  • €350.00
  • Origin: Pacific Ocean
  • Product Code: CMP-70
  • Holder: Wood | Glass
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 440mm × 310mm × 210mm
  • Weight: 2,380g


Beautiful and characteristic glass bell with a mix of various species of marine animals inside.
Specifically, we can admire in the center, which dominates the composition, a rare and fascinating starfish Acanthaster Planci, also known as the "crown of thorns".
Following, to give color and uniqueness to the composition, we find 4 sea urchins from Lampedusa Arbacia Lixula and 2 Eucidaris Tribuloide.
An article that can certainly become an excellent topic of conversation.

Tags: starfish, shells, crab, glass bell