Haliotis Rufescens on pedestal

  • €280.00
  • Origin: California
  • Product Code: CHP-08
  • Holder: Wood | Brass
  • Locality: Santa Cruz
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 310mm × 160mm × 100mm
  • Weight: 720g


A beautiful Haliotis Rufescens a collectible shell that is appreciated for its breathtaking colors.
This specimen, also known as red Abalone, is characterized by a fantastic pearly color with iridescence in shades of green and blue on the inside, while as you can guess from the name, the outside is predominantly red.
Mounted on a hand-turned wooden and brass base to give it uniqueness and be able to display it as a design element.
Much sought after by collectors, this proposal also becomes a perfect decorative element.

Shell size: 200 x 160 x 50 mm

Tags: haliotis rufescens, red abalone, california