Herkimer Diamond

The Herkimer Diamond is a gem of captivating beauty; its scintillating allure and the way it magnificently reflects light make it very similar to a true Diamond. This is a clear, transparent crystal of considerable hardness which radiates positive energy thanks to its luminosity and the way it reflects and amplifies pure light. Furthermore, Herkimers are known as stones of ‘attunement’ as they can act as catalysts for spiritual energy and are one of the world’s most powerful talismans.

What is a Herkimer Diamond?

The Herkimer Diamond is a hyaline quartz rendered unique by its double-terminated structure. This means that in the rough, Herkimer crystals typically have two naturally faceted pointy ends. Phenomenal specimens with triple or even quadruple terminations have also been found. These are a true wonder of nature.

The double-termination is a typical characteristic of crystals which have not come into contact with their ‘host’ volcanic rock when forming. This is due to water erosion which, over the course of time, sculpted cavities within the rock (the size of these hollowed out areas would vary from a few millimeters to over a meter), allowing fabulous gemstones to form without any space restrictions. Usually, Herkimer gems emerge as spectacular crystal agglomerates which are then cut and separated to create stunning pieces of jewellery.

Characteristics of the Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamonds are clear crystals of a crisp, vitreous lustre; though usually colourless, rarer light grey specimens have also been found. These crystals are typically less than 2 cm (1in) long, though they have been known to reach a length of 10 to 12 cm (3 to 4 in). They often feature minute inclusions  such as tiny air bubbles, coal fragments and, more rarely, droplets of water, which render each crystal unique and exquisite.

Where can Herkimer Diamonds be found?

It is named after Herkimer County, New York, where it was first discovered while excavating the Mohawk River Valley in the course of the 18th Century. This dazzling stone is nowadays extracted in various parts of the world, such as Arizona (USA), Afghanistan, Norway, Ukraine and China; however, crystals from deposits in New York are known to be of unparalleled quality.

Properties of Herkimer Diamonds

This crystal is one of a kind and is considered to be the most powerful energy catalyst on the planet. Its transparency, brilliance and luminosity all contribute to making this the ideal stone for the amplification of spiritual energy.

Herkimer is a ‘stone of attunement’, meaning its energy is programmed to attune people one to another as well as to the surrounding environment. It is in fact often used to maintain a connection between people who were forcibly separated.

Due to its double-termination, this exquisite crystal presents a strong dynamic energy, which means that absorbing and releasing energy can take place simultaneously. Furthermore, Herkimer Diamonds function as an energy amplifier when placed next to other crystals, augmenting their properties.

When used as a talisman, Herkimer crystals are beneficial to both body and mind. They can, for example, be used to alleviate pain; as this is a powerful stone it acts within a few minutes of being placed directly on the area to be treated. Herkimer is also an effective cleanser, able to aid the body in releasing toxins and balancing metabolic processes. Furthermore, it is an excellent support in healing illnesses concerning the eyes.

In relation to the psyche, this crystal is an excellent aid for stress relief and can thus help prevent nervous breakdowns and immune system deficiencies caused by stress. Herkimer Diamonds are known to transmit strength and vitality, and also to be a conduit for serenity and profound joy. This powerful stone can help us gain a better understanding of ourselves by encouraging us to take on new experiences. Also, as it’s a strong cleanser, it can help us diffuse negative energies and access repressed emotions. It is in fact very effective on an unconscious level too; when placed within the pillowcase while we sleep it can stimulate our dreams and also help retrieve memories of past lives.

Herkimer Diamonds have a crystal memory: they are able to absorb and retain information which can be released at a later time. This gem can thus be ‘programmed’ with thoughts and wishes of love, well-being or healing which others may benefit from later on.

The environment too in which these impressive stones are kept will benefit from their positive energy: Herkimers will diffuse a purifying energy within their surroundings, cleansing these from electromagnetic fields and minor radiation. In fact, larger crystals are often placed in homes or in the workplace to help create a serene and positive ambient.

Esoteric Herkimer Diamonds

This phenomenal crystal is linked to the two chakras majorly associated to spirituality and the aura. One of these is the Sixth Chakra, Ajna (Sanskrit for ‘perceiving’), located at the level of  our forehead. This is the Third Eye Chakra: that of internal visions, truth and  conscience. An open and balanced Ajna allows us to more easily differentiate between important and secondary matters and enables us to more readily recognise and interpret all that is around us. We thus become more susceptible to welcoming and developing  new ideas, dreams and visions.

This powerful and stunning gem is also connected to the Seventh Chakra (Sahasrara), the Chakra of the Crown, located at the top of our head: this is our link with the rest of the universe, which allows our Aura to expand beyond our physical dimension. This chakra influences our thinking and connection with the surrounding world, acting as a catalyst for our beliefs and spirituality. When Sahasrara is balanced, so is our energy and we can thus find our own perfect harmony within the universal order.