Nautilus and Hildoceras


  • €5,500.00
  • Origin: France
  • Product Code: AMM-21
  • Age: Lower Jurassic, Toarciano
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 510mm × 320mm × 150mm
  • Weight: 34kg


Excellent specimen of nautilus and ammonites on the original matrix. This group comes specifically from France.
Put in evidence by the sediment in which they have fossilized this pair of fossil are a real work of art that brings with it millions of years of history.
The two cephalopods, a nautilus and an ammonite show all their beauty.
In the front and in the back we see two other small ammonites and some belemnites.
The harmony of this group makes it perfect to be exposed in any environment giving a sober elegance.

Tags: nautilus, ammonite, fossil, france