Lapis Lazuli Slab

  • €1,800.00
  • Origin: Afghanistan
  • Product Code: CTL-07
  • Mineral: Lapis Lazuli
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 465mm × 465mm × 30mm
  • Weight: 11.80kg


A beautiful table top made of precious Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan.
A very dark blue tone, which denotes its high quality with inclusions of golden Pyrite and Calcite that create pleasant plays of color.
This fantastic mineral has fascinated people since the time of the ancient Egyptians who used Lapis Lazuli to create jewelry and adorn the pharaoh's rooms.
Today it becomes an exclusive collector's item which, combined with MAG's made in Italy design, can be transformed into an elegant piece of furniture.
A wonderful object that will show off in any environment.

Tags: lapis lazuli, pyrite, coffee table, plate, blue, gold, afghanistan