Lemurian Quartz with Chlorite


  • €950.00
  • Origin: Nepal
  • Product Code: QCH-02
  • Mineral: Quartz | Chlorite
  • Locality: Himalaya
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 190mm × 60mm × 41mm
  • Weight: 405g


Lemurian Quartz Point with a partial coverage of green chlorite.
By itself Lemurian Quartz is already a rare and valuable variety of Quartz, but combined with the characteristic color of Chlorite, it makes this specimen truly unique.
Top quality Quartz, well preserved tips, very impressive transparencies and color.
It is possible to appreciate a fascinating formation of small quartz points in the area where Chlorite was also formed.

Tags: quartz, lemurian, chlorite, white, green, nepal