Red Marble Levanto Sphere

  • €275.00
  • Origin: Italy
  • Product Code: MLV-02
  • Locality: Levanto
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 205mm × 120mm × 120mm
  • Weight: 2,935g


Sphere with backsplash handmade in ancient red Levanto marble.
The characteristic of this marble is given by the dark red background color with dense inclusions of Calcite that create a unique pattern.
The red of Levanto was widely used by the ancient Romans for the creation of statues, ornaments and furnishing elements.
The sphere rests on an ad hoc backsplash, turned from the same block of marble to guarantee the same color and shades.
The diameter of the sphere is approximately 120 mm

Tags: marble, red, red levanto