Agate Geode


  • €750.00
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Product Code: GAB-05
  • Mineral: Agate
  • Holder: Wood
  • Dimensions: 340mm × 340mm × 140mm
  • Weight: 4,020g


Beautiful Agate geode with a very rare black botroid internal formation.
The geode, divided into 2 parts and placed on a wooden pedestal, is characterized by beautiful and bright colors that range from emerald green to yellow and red.
A collector's item for experts and connoisseurs that can also be used as an exclusive piece of furniture in a study or salon.

Left specimen size: 300 x 135 x 30 mm
Right specimen size: 315 x 135 x 55 mm

Tags: agata, geode, brazil, brown. yellow, green