Amethyst Druse


  • €600.00
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Product Code: AMG-79
  • Mineral: Amethyst | Quartz
  • Holder: Iron
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 310mm × 210mm × 100mm
  • Weight: 5,930g


Fascinating aggregation of minerals composed of a Druse of Amethyst with a gemination of Calcite characterized by a crystallization that covers most of the surface resembling a "sprinkle" of sparkling glitter.
Brilliance difficult to capture with a photograph, but which we ensure will leave friends and curious people speechless.
The contrast of colors of these 2 minerals make them better appreciate their shades and qualities.
Installed on an iron base, it will be a precious piece of furniture and collection.

Druze size: 240 x 200 x 90 mm
Height with base: 310 mm

Tags: druze, amethyst, calcite, white, purple, brazil