Honey Agate Earrings


  • €165.00
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Product Code: JEA-01
  • Mineral: Honey Agate
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 88mm × 14mm × 5mm
  • Weight: 14.10g


Beautiful slices of a variant of Agate known as "Honey Agate" due to its semi-transparent amber color. Inside it is possible to admire streaks of more marked color that create wonderful abstract designs and contribute to the exclusivity of these jewels.
The frame is in 925 silver, very sober, so as not to distract attention from the mineral.
A piece for connoisseurs and lovers of minerals.

Agate Dimensions: ~ 65 x 14 x 5 mm
Earrings length: 88 mm

Tags: agate, honey, orange, yellow, earrings, silver