Agate Butterfly


  • €750.00
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Product Code: FAR-01
  • Mineral: Agate
  • Holder: Iron
  • Dimensions: 410mm × 300mm × 60mm
  • Weight: 2,665g


The precious touch of the artist has transformed these two plates of Agata into a modern sculpture, a butterfly that symbolizes the lightness that can arise from the union between man and nature.
What is impossible in nature, to imagine a stone that has the gift of lightness, was created here by the imagination of man, who in the transparency and shape of this beautiful Agate was able to see the flight of a butterfly.
A beautiful collector's item, an ornamental object that will give a touch of elegant and light liveliness to the environment in which it will be placed.

Tags: agate, butterfly, white, orange, brown, brazil