Pair of Amethyst Cathedral


  • €8,500.00
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Product Code: AGCT-10
  • Mineral: Amethyst
  • Weight: 300kg


Very unique pair of Amethyst Cathedral from Brazil, with an intense purple color and characterized by perfect crystals inside: a truly wonderful interior design object.

these crystals are born inside geodes that form inside basaltic rocks, their shape derives from gas bubbles shaped by the flow of magmatic liquid.

Particular nodules in both cathedrals form fabulous Amethyst flowers that make this furnishing element even more unique perfect for hotels, relais and spas.

Size and Weight:
Cathedral on the left: 165Kg, 142x46x48cm.
Cathedral on the right: 142Kg, 130x47x39cm.

Tags: amethyst, cathedral, mineral, design, unique mineral, top quality