Aepyornis maximus Paw

Aepyornis maximus Paw


Aepyornis is a genus of recently extinct bird (17th century), with very big dimensions. Unable to fly, it was probably the biggest bird ever lived on earth, il could arrive till 3 meters in length..


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The Ampullina is an extinct genus of deep water gastropod mollusk in the family of Ampullinidae.It lived in a period going from Jurassic till the Miocene age.Depending on the species they were vegetar..

Bison Priscus

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Bison Priscus, aka steppe's bison, was a widespread species of bison that lived on earth from 600.000 to 7500 years ago. It lived in Europe, Asia and North America.We have found both, fossil and mummi..

Bivalves Lopha

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Collectable Lopha fossil (also known as the oyster crest of a rooster), dating back to the Jurassic period.Conchiglia belonging to the Ostreidae family, which lived about 200 million years ago.Lopha w..

Collection of Fossils

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Here is a stunning group of fossils to begin a beautiful personal collection.In one single box you  have all toghether the following items:1) Ammonite - Ofordian2) Teeth of shark - Helvezian3) Be..

Didymoceras Nebrascense

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A very beautiful fossil of Didymoceras Nebrascens in a stunning sandy-orange color, with the ribs on the spiral and the syphonal chamber very well defined.In the cleaning work of the fossil, the origi..

Equus Caballus

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The fossil of a hoof of Equus Caballus from Pleistocene takes us back to times in which tha man still had no say in this animal's life.In fact man began domesticating it about 5000 years ago in asiati..

Extinct Shark Fossil Tooth - Mako Hastalis

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A sample of Mako shark tooth in good condition. Isurus Hastalis this is the scientific name of this giant mako shark lived between the Oligocene and the Pliocene. Based on the size of this tooth, this..

Extinct Shark Fossil Tooth - Mako Hastalis

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Coming from Chile, this fossil tooth belongs to the now extinct Mako Hastalis.This shark dating back to the Miocene period is also called shark with large teeth. The shape of the tooth and the sharp e..

Fossil Echinoidea


Echinoidea is the class of marine organisms commonly known as sea urchin.The fossils in our hands are the endoskeletons, on which we can see the five ambulacral grooves with the dots of the rows of th..

Fossil Echinoidea


Sea urchin, aka Echinoid or sand dollar, is a globular animal, typically spiny in the class of Echinoidea.They live in any marine environment, from tropical to polar , hence its fossil can be found al..

Fossil Pine - Equicalastrobus Chinleana

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A really interesting example of a fossil pine cone from a private collection.Dating back to the Jurassic period, this pine cone was found in Morocco.A very special and beautiful object to which, after..

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