Narwhal Tusk


  • €18,000.00
  • Product Code: ZNA-01
  • Locality: Artic
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 222cm × 24cm × 3.80cm
  • Weight: 4.40kg


Fantastic Narwhal tusk from the late 1970s (see Cites certificate attached).
222 cm long specimen weighing 4.4 kg.
Mounted on an elegant maple wood support painted black to highlight the tusk thanks to the contrast of colors.
On the back of the support hooks are already applied to be able to hang and display it with style.

In the Middle Ages, the European peoples believed that the tusks of Narvalo were the infamous unicorn horns and therefore had magical powers, and for this reason their weight was converted to gold many times.
The tusks were used for the creation of cups from which, by drinking an antidote, it was believed that any poison could be eliminated.
Only during the Age of Exploration, during which explorers went as far as the Arctic regions, did they become aware of the real provenance of these fantastic tusks.

Very rare specimen and kept in perfect condition.

Size: 222 cm
Weight: 4.4 kg

Tags: tusk, narwhal, white, black, arctic