Lapis Lazuli

  • €195.00
  • Origin: Afghanistan
  • Product Code: LPS-03
  • Mineral: Lapis Lazuli
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 117.50mm × 52.50mm × 49.50mm
  • Weight: 480g


Considered a precious stone since ancient times, lapis lazuli was often marketed with the inhabitants of the areas of present-day Afghanistan.
The predominant color is blue due to the lazurite which is the mineral with a higher concentration.
In this sample weighing 580g we see an alternating stratification between lazurite and calcite with small pyrite crystals that make everything more homogeneous.
Often used in crystallotherapy, lapis lazuli is considered to be the stone capable of giving awareness and balance to man.

Tags: lapis lazuli, lazurite, calcite, pyrite, afghanistan