Fossil Nautiloid

  • €78.00
  • Product Code: NCP-01
  • Locality: Madagascar
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 96mm × 82mm × 60mm
  • Weight: 424g


This collectors fossil is a very beautiful specimen because of its caractheristics. On the external part is quite a common piece, a grey background with black cracks and some parts with black background and visible growth lines in grey.

The peculiarity  is in the aperture where, over an interesting brown border, it has a very beautiful and clearly visible sifunculus, brown inside and with a very well defined white border.

The Nautiloids are a large group of marine mollusk, that lived in the late Cambrian, and represented the main predatory animals in the paleozoic.

Tags: fossil nautiloid, visible sifuncolus, collectors fossil, black, grey, brown, white